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The Stoic's Vision of Truth

NeoZeno was named after Zeno of Citium, a Greek philosopher who founded Stoicism. Our approach to news is through the assessment of rational and objective-based facts, so we believe the Stoic philosophy aptly represents our mission.

About Us

We are an independent bootstrap start-up with only two co-founders who are passionate about bettering the news. Each of our products provide a means for the public to obtain a reliable source of news through improving journalistic standards.

Informative Timelines: Our website contains researched timelines of top news stories. We strip the narrative format found in regular news articles and remove any spin, bias, or manipulative language. Our goal is to provide a clean account of the facts so that readers can decide what to think for themselves.

News Rating Mobile App: The NeoZeno mobile app allows YOU to rate news articles on bias, impact, and quality. Your ratings combined with millions of others' will create an overall credibility score for that article. We plan to use these ratings to track the performance of individual journalists and publications to put public pressure on improving journalistic standards.

Co-founders Zach & Sam both have day jobs in professional research, analytics, and information processing for large organizations. Sam researches and writes the NeoZeno timelines as well as manages all business operations, while Zach develops the NeoZeno app, builds databases, and website design.


Support Us

We believe the ad-based monetization structure has caused news reporting to deteriorate into cheap, click-bait, viral content. Our business relies solely on supporters like you who value high quality, objective information and a desire to think for yourself.

We appreciate any means of support. Simply sharing our information with like-minded individuals will go a long way towards growing our business. You can also set up a one-time or monthly PayPal donation that will help fund our efforts towards fighting ‘fake news’ and the declining standards in journalism.

"Well-being is attained little by little, and nevertheless is no little thing itself." -Zeno of Citium